• energetic management team, with modern leadership standards and management methods; 
  • highly qualified technical professionals;
  • ownership of certified education center, in which our staff  is regularly educated and assessed;
  • unique methods of recruiting and human resource management;
  • low staff turnower; membership in international property management associations and unions.

Quality assessment system

  • Service Level Management is our key process. It enables us to control quality of our services:
  •  preparation and conclusion of Service Level Agreements with Clients is a composite part of Contract agreement. This agreement contains precise description of methods, qualities and conditions of our services, as well as productivity standards Key Performance Indicators, payment schedules, penalties;
  •  Service Level Agreement is executed at an operational level;
  •  we have a program for continuous service improvement according to our Clients’ highest expectations;
  •  Quality assessment team is part of our organization.

Quality control is ensured by 3 level system:

Level 1: reception of daily feedback from executives at Clients properties and prompt decision making;

Level 2: we monitor Clients satisfaction and needs through regular surveys; we strive to anticipate Clients requirements well beforehand.

Level 3: regular internal quality assessments.

Front line technologies and equipment:

  • possession of technologies;
  • high quality, reliably machinery and expendables with international quality certificates;
  • own service center for warranty and post warranty equipment services;
  • development and implementation of proprietary know-how.